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Why Self Recruitment?

Self Recruitment was developed by a self-employed electrician who went on to run his own successful electrical contracting company. After 15 years in the industry, he decided it was time to create a platform that offered companies a new way to search, hire and manage their staffing needs, whilst also focusing on the worker and the difficulties they face daily.

We’ve built it, but it’s up to you to help change the industry for good.


What We Offer:

  • 2 Minute sign-up
    2 Minute sign-up

    Create a company profile in minutes and change the way your company hires and manages its workforce, forever.

  • Automatic Verification
    Automatic Verification

    We automatically verify workers’ CSCS cards with the national database. We also use NI numbers to check eligibility to legally work in the UK.

  • No Agency Fees
    No Agency Fees

    It’s as simple as that – we are not an agency, so we don’t charge agency fees. Your monthly membership is all you pay and not a penny more.

  • Plan Ahead
    Plan Ahead

    Have a big job coming up? Organise your workforce ahead of time. And book the workers you need now.

  • multiple locations
    multiple locations

    Create as many sites as you like, there is no limit. This feature allows you to manage your workforce across multiple locations across all online devices.

  • link employees
    link employees

    Take advantages of our fantastic management tools by linking an unlimited number of your existing workforce to your personal platform. Manage timesheets, invoicing and payroll all in one place.

  • Payment

    We encourage companies to pay all workers they hire on Self Recruitment directly, but we do offer a fantastic payroll service, if needed

  • GPS

    We use the latest technology to log hours worked by all workforce. These hours are logged on the individual worker’s timesheet that you approve online with just one click.

  • Hire unlimited staff
    Hire unlimited staff

    Hire unlimited staff - YOU are in total control. Your cost is the same as if you hire one or 20 workers through Self Recruitment. Hiring just one worker through us is still cheaper than through any agency.

Payroll Service

We do offer a payroll service but encourage companies to hire workers direct where possible. Like all payroll companies we do charge a fee to process payroll but we think our payroll really stands out from the crowed. We have partnered with a company that allows workers to access a percentage of their wages before payday. Left yourself a little sort for cash, received an unexpected bill? No need to worry. You don’t have to ask a friend or a family member or take out a ridiculous payday loan.

You just draw down a percentage of the money you’ve already earned that week or month. It’s your money, it should be there when you need it.

With the help our partners we are trying the payroll industry forever. It’s time to enjoy today.


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Current Recruitment Model

  • £4 per hour per worker

  • 10 hours / day= £40 / day

  • £200 / week £800 / month


*Not including your time managing individaul workers timesheets

Self Recruitment Model

*Based on standard Level Membership

  • No hourly charge

  • Membership:£59.99 / month[ £13.80 / week ]

  • Hiring more than one worker gives you even better value for money

Sign up today and help change the industry forever

  • standard

    £59.00/mo ex VAT

    • Create unlimited Job post
    • Access the online Database
    • Connect with unlimited workers
    • Direct Contact details Available
    • Upgrade at anytime
  • professional

    £179.99/mo ex VAT

    • All the Standard Features plus
    • Send Unlimited job offers
    • Create 'MY SITES'
    • Link unlimted existing workers to your plaform
    • Management Tools Timesheets, Invoicing Payroll
  • agancy

    £399.99/mo ex VAT

    • All the Standard Features plus
    • Send Unlimited job offers
    • Create 'MY SITES'
    • Link unlimted existing workers to your plaform
    • Management Tools Timesheets, Invoicing Payroll
    • No Free trail