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Aurora Consultancy Cyprus is a dynamic company with a multilingual, expertised, experienced and professional team aiming at facilitating any kind of businesses that may emerge in Cyprus with local or international partners. Aurora Consultancy Cyprus has been created by several companies that are active in different business areas, such as pharmaceutical company, real estate and property maintenance company, local grocery stores, legal advice company for coping with challenging and demanding business tasks and requests. Aurora Consultancy Cyprus is welcoming potential partners and is giving a brief overview of Cyprus opportunities.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, located at the Eastern end of Europe, at the crux of the busy shipping and air routes linking three (3) continents, Europe, Africa and Asia. The island, through its rich and fascinating history, going back more than 10,000 years, has developed from a Stone Age settlement to a modern and thriving European Union state, offering international investors and domestic businesses confidence to invest, grow and prosper. This small but dynamic country has long established a strong reputation as a “centre of excellence” for international business activities, retaining unique clusters of expertise and service capability to support key growth sectors of the economy.

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Geography & Demographics

Cyprus, with an area of 9,251 km2 and coordinates at 35°N and 33°E, lies at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia at the crux of the busy shipping and air routes linking the three continents.


The population of Cyprus is about 847,000 (2016). The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia (Lefkosia), situated at the heart of the island with a population of approximately 336,000. The second largest city is Limassol (Lemesos) on the south coast with a population of approximately 241,000 and the island’s major port. Larnaca and Paphos are the third and fourth largest cities, each with a new airport, situated on the south east and south west coasts respectively.


Cyprus has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, enjoying year-round sunshine, with mild winters (mean daily minimum 5°C and maximum 13°C) and sunny, dry summers (mean daily minimum and maximum temperatures are 21°C and 36°C respectively).


The first signs of civilization in Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, are traced back to the 9th millennium B.C. According to tradition, Aphrodite, the ancient goddess of love and beauty, was born from the foam of the sea on the southwestern coast of Cyprus, near the ancient city of Paphos. Throughout the centuries, Cyprus’ strategic location has played a pivotal role, rendering the island a true international business and trade centre, while leading to its repeated conquest by successive powers dominating the Mediterranean Sea. Since the settlement of the first Greek Mycenaeans in 1400-1300 BC, Cyprus has developed a unique character, harmoniously blending influences from different civilisations, while maintaining its Greek character. Independence from British rule in 1959 led to the declaration of Independence of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960.

Governance & Political System

The Republic of Cyprus is a Presidential Democratic State, founded in 1960. The Executive authority is vested in the President who is elected for a five-year term by universal vote, and exercised by a Council of Ministers appointed by the President. The Legislative authority of the Republic is exercised by the House of Representatives, whose Members are elected by universal vote every five years. The administration of Justice is exercised by the Judiciary, which is a separate and independent body. The Members of the Cyprus Supreme Court are appointed by the President.

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Growth Sectors

  • 1. Tourism

    Tourism is one of Cyprus’ most resilient and strong economic sectors with a significant contribution to the country’s GDP. Apart from its natural beauty, excellent weather and breath-taking sceneries, Cyprus strives to enhance its competitiveness as a premium touristic destination, diving into niche areas, upgrading its offering and developing new experiences. Strategic large-scale projects, such as luxury resorts, marinas in all major seafront cities and the new integrated casino resort are expected to further stimulate this booming industry.

  • 2. Real Estate

    2. Real Estate Acquiring property in Cyprus, either as an investment or as a second home, has always been a popular choice among foreign investors. A combination of high quality of life, year round sunshine and natural beauty, ease of doing business and investment incentives offer investors an attractive experience in terms of both living and doing business. Being a historically key pillar of the Cyprus economy, the real estate and construction sectors have experienced remarkable growth in the past years, manifested in increased demand and activity levels, prestigious large-scale projects, incentives and an influx of foreign investment.

  • 3. Education

    Cyprus is a world-class educational and research centre of excellence with high quality academic institutions, offering a large variety of advanced and fully accredited undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, at affordable costs. With a booming industry comprising 3 public and 5 private universities and more than 40 public and private higher education institutions enjoying international academic and scientific recognition, the island attracts thousands of international students every year. Research is widely promoted within academic institutions, with Cyprus holding the highest absorption rate of EU research grants.

    Main features

    • High quality institutions and distinguished academics
    • Multidisciplinary offering of English-taught programmes
    • Close cooperation with universities from the UK/Germany and the US
    • State support and EU funding opportunities
    • Advanced research and state-of-the-art infrastructure
    • Multicultural environment and a large international community
  • 4. Shipping

    Cyprus is a world-class international maritime cluster, offering efficient and high-quality services in a vast spectrum of activities. Capitalising on its strategic location offering attractive legislative and operational shipping infrastructure, a solid and efficient tax framework and an excellent communications network, Cyprus has successfully built a diversified and robust maritime industry, which offers a unique set of competitive advantages. Cyprus is considered as one of the most reliable and competitive shipping centres in the world in terms of services, registration fees and taxes.

    Main features

    • One of the largest maritime clusters worldwide
    • Competitive EU-approved Tonnage Tax system
    • European “Open Registry”
    • 3rd largest merchant fleet in the EU and among the largest merchant fleets worldwide
    • Advanced maritime infrastructure
  • 5. Energy

    The discovery of hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ EEZ has created new exciting prospects for the island to become an energy hub in the Eastern Mediterranean. Developments have attracted worldwide interest and significant investment from leading energy giants as well as renowned international providers operating in the oil and gas auxiliary services sector. Cyprus is also fast developing into a regional fuel hub, operating a sophisticated oil storage terminal in Vasilikos, the first terminal of its kind in the Eastern Mediterranean, connecting Europe and the Black Sea with markets in the Middle East and Asia.

    Main features

    • World-class natural gas discoveries
    • Ε&P contracts granted to ExxonMobil, Shell, Total, ENI, Noble Energy, Delek, KOGAS and Qatar Petroleum
    • Regional cooperation and synergies for gas exploitation and export
    • Multi-billion infrastructure projects: EASTMED Pipeline and EusoAsia Interconnector
    • Ideal regional base for serving Eastern Mediterranean region A rising fuel hub
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